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eCommerce design isn’t just about graphics. To be successful, your online store shouldn’t just be visually appealing, it should also be functional and user-friendly. In order to assure customers an overall engaging experience, to drive your clients to conversion, to lower the abandoned cart rate and to increase ROI – your online store design must be well structured and follow the following essential rules. When we build eCommerce websites, we strive to create a seamless customer journey, leveraging these game-changing design factors:

Why Building an eCommerce Website?

eCommerce websites make products or services both affordable and accessible to widespread consumers.

The Importance of Quality Media Content

Media content translates your product or service, reveals who your company are, and is the main point of contact. This is why it’s imperative to build an eCommerce website with quality content, because your customer’s trust and loyalty depends on it.

Engaging Videos

Videos are a revolutionary mechanism, whereby you can tell your company’s story, engage more customers and enhance their overall online shopping experience.

Product Personalization

A product personalization system is entertaining and significantly lowers your bounce rate.

It’s All About You

Customers care about who you are, what you do and why you do it. An effective ‘About Us’ page will create the right connection.


TThe more direct ways there are to reach you, the better it will be for your company. Assuring customers that you’re available and easy to contact builds greater company-customer relations, trust and loyalty.

Info Pages

Some clients don’t like direct contact, so it’s essential to include detailed information pages as part of your eCommerce website design Hong Kong. This will enable site visitors to read about your business, and to then deem its reliability.

One Step Checkout Procedure

Payment is a customer’s least favourite stage. One step checkout systems are the best way to simplify the payment process and drive your customer straight to the purchase.


An intuitive and well structured eCommerce web design in Hong Kong will help you to organise, maximize orders and easily cross-sell.

Easy Sign Up Procedure

Easy sign up procedures and social media logins make processeses faster and more expedient, better preventing the loss of potential clients.

Intelligent In-Site Search

Build eCommerce to respond to your client’s manifold needs. An intelligent in-site search best caters to customers who already have a clear idea of what they want.

What's Hot

‘What’s Hot’ is an enticing section specially developed to intrigue and excite customers as they browse your eCommerce website. These customers often won’t know what they want just yet, until you tell them.

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