No more struggles with eCommerce development. Focus on your business, we’ll take care of the rest

End-to-end eCommerce website development for China and Southeast Asia. We provide tailor-made solutions for businesses of all kinds.

Every eCommerce platform is unique

We understand every business is unique, and each comes with different obstacles.

TLG specializes in personalized and cutting-edge eCommerce web development Hong Kong, providing fully tailor-made eCommerce solutions to help your B2B/B2C business succeed, no matter what. Unleash your digital potential with LogiCommerce, our unrivalled eCommerce software.

Wondering how?


Our creative designers will conduct joint meetings with your digital team, in order to design and completely customize your dream layout. Next, a team of experienced technicians will code your B2B eCommerce platform or B2C eCommerce platform. This eCommerce platform is then tested, configured and implemented with the very functions your business needs to succeed.


Our dedicated team of experts are available 24/7 to solve any unexpected incidents that may occur on your eCommerce platform Hong Kong. Our prized SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees 99.9% of uptime.


Your eCommerce or online shop platform will be powered by AWS, and safely hosted in the closest datacenter to your target market. This systematic process ensures safety, high speed everywhere (including in China) and full scalability. AWS’s elastic infrastructure automatically adjusts its computing capacity according to your traffic volumes; assuring an appealing solution for businesses of any size.

Updates & Upgrades

Since our establishment in 1999, we continue to pursue perfection. We’re constantly working to enrichen our eCommerce software, whereby we also develop new on-demand features for our clients. Once tested, weekly updates and software upgrades are made available to all clients on every platform.

We offer

  • · Advanced B2B/B2C eCommerce solutions
  • · Fast time-to-market eCommerce development
  • · Scalable eCommerce software
  • · Multichannel solutions
  • · Multi-Country segmentation

We create

  • · Premium eCommerce platforms
  • · 100% tailor-made designs
  • · Effective eye-catching layouts
  • · Websites suited to your company’s personality /li>
  • · Quality web structures

We provide

  • · High ROI
  • · eCommerce knowledge
  • · Flexibility and scalability for your eCommerce platform
  • · Your own private cloud
  • · AWS worldwide elastic datacenters
  • · Investment control

How we fortify your brand

We believe our B2B/B2C eCommerce platform represents the future of online shop platforms. Manage all of your commercial activities from a single user-friendly interface, which connects both offline and online operations under the same roof. Our eCommerce platforms are developed to maximize traffic, increase sales conversions and assist companies in establishing a loyal customer base through an intuitive and streamlined shopping experience.

Además, con nuestra soluciEvery aspect of our eCommerce website development is tailor-made, everywhere from quotation to design and feature implementations. This is how we assure superior solutions for your individual business. Regardless of your existing business format, our software was specially designed with the following vision in-mind: to offer companies worldwide with quality structures, and to simplify how business is performed online.


Target Market Definition
Future scenarios Forecast
Implementation Planning


Tailor Made Solutions
Responsive to any device
Effective Eye-catching

eCommerce Development

Third-Party Integrations
Tailor Made Features


Content Direction
Platform Training
SOP set-up

Erp Integration

API Rest & XML
Flawless integration with any ERP
Real time synchronization

Data migration

Importing from any DB
Content structure
Content information


World Wide Datacenters
99,9% SLA Uptime contract
Scalable Infrastructure


Continuous Updates
Data Backup
Premium Support

Innovative eCommerce developments for any kind of business

Agile B2B/B2C eCommerce development
Our eCommerce solutions virtually fit any website design or business style. Whether you’re a growing business in need of a flexible system that quickly adapts to new changes, or are a well-established company willing to build a robust B2B/B2C eCommerce platform to increase your digital presence – TLG Commerce assures the perfect eCommerce platform. We will develop a unique eCommerce website to suit your business, and to overall accelerate your digital growth.

Engaging eCommerce Designs
Thanks to our dedicated team of lateral thinking and innovative web designers, we deliver customized eCommerce websites to suit both your brand personality and company format. Our web designers work closely with your digital team to ensure this personalised eCommerce development. We believe an effective web design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s also a matter of user experience and strategic planning. We pride ourselves in prioritising design as a paramount aspect for traffic generation and customer engagement.

Scalable eCommerce Platform
Our main goal is to enable our clients to regain a short-term investment, boost sales and maximize profits. Our Cloud eCommerce platform Hong Kong is highly flexible and fully equipped with the very capabilities your business needs to sustain a steady growth. Some of our current platforms can successfully keep up with over 100,000 simultaneous clicks.

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