TLG eCommerce Agency to provide WeChat Payment integration for online stores

by TLG Commerce

TLG eCommerce Agency is proud to announce one of the most awaited development in China eCommerce: the WeChat Payment integration for online stores.

WeChat Payment has been steadily expanding in China, and it has from a platform for transferring small amount of money between friends and relatives to a fully-fledged platform where all kind of transactions take place: flight and train tickets, taxis, mobile-top up, groceries, etc. can all be purchased using wechat as gateway.

Thanks to TLG’s integration, merchants can now let their customers choose WeChat payment as an option to settle the bill. The customers will be then shown a QR code which they will scan using the WeChat app.


Once the operations has been finalized on the customer’s phone, a notification will appear in LogiCommerce under “Incoming order”.

Thanks to this integration, merchants have now even more freedom in accepting payments and increasing the conversion rates of their online stores.

Contact us to know more about Wechat Payment in China.

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