China mobile ecommerce grows a staggering 168%

by TLG Commerce

China mobile ecommerce platform grew a staggering 168.3% year-on-year in the beginning of 2015, up to 362bn yuan (US$58bn). Right now, mobile ecommerce accounts for nearly half the Chinese ecommerce market (47.8% to be precise) and it is expected to reach and surpass 50% in the next months.

The reasons for this astonishing growth are in fact quite easy to understand. First of all, many Chinese shoppers still don’t have access to desktop computers and use phones and tablets for browsing the internet and consuming media. Furthermore, many online stores are actively/competitively trying to attract customers to their mobile ecommerce platform by offering aggressive discounts to mobile users only. Also, mobile payment have become the norm and easy to perform, convincing more and more shoppers to make their purchase via their mobile phones.

In turn, Chinese online stores have adapted to the new trend by offering apps or simply switching to a responsive design that can adapt to both mobile as well as tablet screens.

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