China’s ecommerce totaled USD 2.1 trillion in 2014 – is ecommerce the answer to its slowing growth?

by TLG Commerce

As reported by various sources, China’s ecommerce shows no sign of slowing down. Quite the opposite actually, since the ecommerce trade in China reached a stunning USD 2.1 trillion, a 25% growth year on year in 2014.

There are various reasons fuelling this incredible success, such as:

  • The world biggest online population (surprise surprise)
  • Consumers looking for cheaper products and discounts
  • The desire for imported products, generally considered safer than their Chinese counterparts
  • A huge country with 50% of the population still living in the countryside

This numbers are in stark contract to those of Chinese economy, and according to the performance sheet for 2014 the country’s period of miraculous break-neck growth is over. Authorities sees ecommerce as a new and promising opportunity for growth, which will benefit the country on multiple levels, from developing new business opportunities, to creating new jobs.

As reported last year, even Prime Minister Li Keqiang is backing the “emerging industry, and we should support its healthy development”.

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