Free Whitepaper | An introduction to Fashion & eCommerce in China

by TLG Commerce

E-commerce is the locomotive of fashion in China, in 2018 China became the first country in the world where online fashion sales surpassed offline.

In this chapter, we’ll give an introduction to how the Chinese fashion developed from a historical perspective and its means to reach a new pool of customers. 

Take a look at our third fashion whitepaper: 

An introduction to Fashion & eCommerce in China. 

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  1. The Worldwide Fashion Industry in 2018
  2. E-commerce in the Fashion industry
  3.  An Introduction to fashion& e-commerce in China
  4. Has China fallen in Love with Luxury, or Have luxury Brands Fallen in Love with China?
  5. The Clothing and Apparel Market in China
  6. The Footwear Market in China
  7. The Accessories Market in China
  8. Understanding Chinese Customers: Millennials
  9. Chinese E-commerce Channels
  10. Which are the Best Marketing Channels for Fashion in China?
  11. Successful Players in China’s Fashion Industry
  12. The Chinese Fashion Industry: Challenges and Best Practices

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