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TLG has launched its latest development: integrated WeChat stores. Thanks to TLG’s advanced eCommerce solution, our clients can accept WeChat payment both on Desktop as well as in-app, all by keeping a consolidated stock and offering advanced eCommerce features.

The eCommerce Solution Agency for Hong Kong and China

With 16 years of experience in Europe and Asia and more than 400 clients, TLG is a leading eCommerce Agency specialized in setting up, designing, promoting and hosting eCommerce platforms. From the initial consulting to the go-live and the on-going strategy, TLG offers a full array of services to build and manage your eCommerce in China, Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

TLG provides a range of strategic services allowing companies to gain the competitive edge in the digital market. We help companies study the eCommerce landscape, increase sales and drive their online stores to improve results and reach their goals.

Gather vital information on the market


Profitable ROI and higher sales


Leverage the latest marketing techniques


Engage your customers on any platform

TLG’s eCommerce technology helps companies build fully customized, agile and robust online stores. As the eCommerce world keeps evolving, we offer the best in eCommerce software, design and infrastructure to help you become more competitive and increase sales.

All-in-one advanced eCommerce solution


Attract, Retain and Convert your customers


Tailor-made solutions for your needs


Elastic Cloud eCommerce – anywhere, anytime

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TLG eCommerce Agency is trusted by 300+ companies worldwide

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TLG developed one of the most robust platforms for B2B and B2C, LogiCommerce: a single eCommerce application that boasts more than 16 years of experience.

An eCommerce Software to Increase Sales

Choosing TLG Commerce for your online shop application means you are gaining access to a comprehensive online store management system, providing you with the tools to solve common complex even the most complex eCommerce challenge.
Our eCommerce system and high-calibre design work together to empower businesses. With access to a sophisticated cloud based system, their work will be streamlined and elevated to the next level. Whether they're located in Hong Kong, China or internationally, they'll love the advanced features and competitive prices. This enables our clients to remain competitive and relevant, more than capable of managing the demands of the modern industry. Your customers will love our tailored shopping cart and online shopping solutions.
Multi ChannelMulti Channel

Split your target market into different areas for advanced control

ERP IntegrationERP Integration

Integrate and synchronize LogiCommerce with your ERP system

Content TargetingContent Targeting

Choose what content is shown to selected areas and customers

WarehouseWarehouse Management

Operate multiple warehouses from one single control point

Orders AutomatizationOrders Automatization

Set personalized actions for different statuses, increase productivity with automated operations

Email Marketing SegmentationEmail Marketing Segmentation

Filter your newsletter by custom tags to reach selected targets only

Real Time MonitorReal Time Monitor

Full control over your shop and customers, in real time

Elastic Cloud HostingElastic Cloud Hosting

All the resources your store needs, when you need it

AdministrativeAdministrative Permissions

Restrict the access to sensitive areas of your store to selected users

Integrated BlogFully integrated blog

Sell products directly from your blog posts

TLG Key Goals
Why more clients choose our eCommerce solution company
16 years experience16 years experience

Founded when nobody believed in eCommerce

Specialized in eCommerceSpecialized in eCommerce

Providing profitable eCommerce solutions

Offices in Europe & AsiaOffices in Europe & Asia

70 experts delivering the best of two worlds

Tailor made solutionsTailor made solutions

Enabling retailers to sell more online

Full-service AgencyFull-service Agency

TLG take care of all your digital operations

Fast time to marketFast time to market

Agile eCommerce features development

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China has recently tightened the regulation for publishing ads on search engines such as Baidu, according to the documents published by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), which also demands improvement in the censorship system,  as well as the removal of any content deemed illegal. The regulations have been published after the tragic death of Wei Zexi,...

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TLG commerce is proud to announce the development of integrated WeChat stores: our online shops in China are now able to accept WeChat Payment when opened through WeChat’s internal browser (QQ browser). Due to WeChat’s fast growth both in terms of users as well as a payment platform, brands and merchants are trying to leverage the...

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China Cross-Border eCommerce has been growing steadily in the last few years, and it’s showing no sign of stopping. According to estimations, cross-border eCommerce transactions reached over 250 billion renminbi (USD 40 billion) in 2015. According to a report published by Paypal, 81% of Chinese consumer shoppers purchased products online, of which 35% also engaged in...

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TLG eCommerce Agency is proud to announce one of the most awaited development in China eCommerce: the WeChat Payment integration for online stores. WeChat Payment has been steadily expanding in China, and it has from a platform for transferring small amount of money between friends and relatives to a fully-fledged platform where all kind of transactions take...

The post TLG eCommerce Agency to provide WeChat Payment integration for online stores appeared first on CHINA & HONG KONG ECOMMERCE NEWS.

Despite the skyrocketing growth witnessed by eCommerce in China, shoppers in the Asian giant are more concerned about online payment security than buyers located in other countries, according to a research published by WorldPay. According to the study, over 25% of the 430 million Chinese online shoppers consider online payment security as the most important...

The post Online Payment Security Top Concern for Chinese Shoppers appeared first on CHINA & HONG KONG ECOMMERCE NEWS.

Before Alibaba launched Alipay in 2004, I can assure you that it was very difficult for Chinese consumers to pay online. For example, in 2004 only 1% of Chinese had credit cards. Also Chinese banks had not developed any system to facilitate online transactions and eCommerce was still in its infancy in the country. It...

The post Alipay versus Tenpay: The China Online Payment Systems Rivalry appeared first on CHINA & HONG KONG ECOMMERCE NEWS.

PayPal, which has just spun off from PayPal and is currently evaluated at USD 50 billion, is now launching a new service in China in collaboration with UnionPay, which aims at facilitating cross-border ecommerce for Chinese shoppers. After failing its plan to become a major payment provider in China due to the so far unbeatable competition...

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At TLG we never stop helping companies leveraging the online market. Today, we take a look at some of our latest projects, wishing good luck to our new clients in their eCommerce journey.   Gr1ps The online shop of the technical apparel brand Gr1ps, specialized in Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and training gear. The store has localised...

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Wal-mart has taken full ownership of China’s ecommerce platform Yihaodian, just a few months after the announcement that a Chinese joint-venture partner is not needed anymore for foreign companies to operate an ecommerce business. The retail giant has been the leader in the retail industry for decades in the US, but after after entering China in 1996...

The post Wal-mart takes full ownership of China’s ecommerce platform Yihaodian appeared first on CHINA & HONG KONG ECOMMERCE NEWS.

China cross border ecommerce is becoming more and more important to local entrepreneurs as a way to increase sales and find new customers, Xinhua reports, at a time where foreign trade is losing momentum. It has been reported that over 200,000 companies are dealing with cross-border e-commerce, and the demand for China eCommerce agency to provide guidance on...

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